Charity: Dharma Initiative

March Dharma Initiative: Rohr Rockstars


About Rohr Rockstars:

Rohr Rockstars Mission
Rohr Rockstars empowers children facing cancer and other extended illnesses to reach their academic goals and to walk confidently and optimistically though their journey as lifelong learners.

What Your Donations Can Do
Your financial support of Rohr Rockstars helps to provide engaging and cutting-edge technologies, along with personalized support services, to our Rockstars. Our mission is to bridge the gap between home and school so these children can walk confidently and optimistically through their journey as lifelong learners.


About Y2 Yoga’s Dharma Initiative

Each month we select a different charity to benefit from donations collected during our Dharma class, which is held each Sunday at 5:15pm.

If you would like your charity to be considered for our Dharma Initiative of the month please email