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April is Autism Awareness Month. We not only want to raise awareness, but raise funds for this great organization.

About Autism Charlotte:

Autism Charlotte (AC) is a local non-profit organization focused on addressing the needs of families dealing with autism in Mecklenburg and surrounding counties.  Five families, all raising children with autism themselves, founded Autism Foundation of the Carolinas (AFC).  These five families came together, inspired by their own special children, to serve those struggling not only with the challenges of autism but financial constraints as well. AFC provides affordable inclusion-based programs that benefit the child, the family and the non-affected peers and volunteers that work side by side with them.  These programs cultivate acceptance, enable achievement and foster independence.  The ultimate goal is to provide a community-wide social impact by offering a life changing experience for the peers and volunteers while enabling those affect by autism to be a productive, included member of our society.  The programs include: 1) Afterschool and Summer Enrichment, a partnership with CMS and the YMCA, 2) University Outreach, a partnership with 7 local colleges and universities to give students internship credit for working with affected children, 3) PATHS program which utilizes the college campus to prepare adolescents with autism to transition from high school into higher education and vocation and 4) iCan Bike camp which teaches children with a range of disabilities how to ride a conventional two wheeled bike.

Autism is a life long disorder and, although treatable, is not curable. Families dealing with autism are challenged physically, emotionally, and financially.  While we hear a lot about autism in the media around a research for a cure, few resources are available to parents to help them with their daily struggles.  AC is unique among those that serve the autism community in that 1) it is LOCAL and 2) it focuses its efforts on creating inclusion-based opportunities and programs to help with those daily struggles.  AC’s mission is to integrate children and young adults with autism into our community through our inclusive programs, utilizing their unique gifts and talents while providing peers and volunteers a life changing experience. The vision is for AC to be a community partner that helps enable Charlotte to become a model autism community – one that visibly embraces and integrates individuals with autism into our society throughout their lifespan. (Please visit our website at


Join us each Sunday at 5:15 pm  for a donation-based Y2 Remix class. All proceeds will benefit the Autism Foundation of the Carolinas.

About Y2 Yoga’s Dharma Initiative

Each month we select a different charity to benefit from donations collected during our Dharma class, which is held each Sunday at 5:15pm.