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10 Mistakes People Tend to Make on Thanksgiving

November 26, 2019 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

It’s Time to Give Thanks!

Yogis, it’s that time of year. We have to sit at a massively large table with family members we see once or twice a year, and announce to everyone what we are thankful for. We also have to make tons of room for all the food we will eat.

There are so many mouths to feed on this glorious day. There are so many different types of casseroles, pies, deserts, and more to prepare for the meal of the year. So, of course… there are mistakes… mishaps… errors… faults…. ok enough with the synonyms. You get the point. Maybe this list of 10 mistakes people tend to make on Thanksgiving will help you avoid them, and have a holly jolly….. Thanksgiving.

  1. Not planning ahead. If you’ve failed to achieve making it to your 8:30pm dinner reservations at one point in your life, planning your family’s Thanksgiving dinner 2 or 3 months ahead is recommended.
  2. Inviting too many people. Sometimes it’s not worth it to invite your weirdly inappropriate uncle or your overly political grandpa…. or your cousins sister’s ex husband’s new girlfriend. Take into account your time, resources, and size of your home. Let’s be real, sometimes it’s not accurate to make the statement: “the more the merrier”. #Facts
  3. Miscalculating the amount of alcohol needed. Turkey day isn’t complete without a little wine and some holiday spirits. Don’t forget to get enough! Whoever’s hosting is going to need about 2 bottles of wine to themselves.
  4. Not having enough silverware for the entire crew. Don’t make people eat their mashed potatoes with their hands. Although if you have enough alcohol, someone might be drunk enough to do it.
  5. Not thawing the Turkey in time. Dinner’s at 3p????…. Um…. actually it’s been pushed… until 10:30pm. Thank you for your patience.
  6. Making everything the day of. You’ll run yourself ragged trying to make everything on the day of the feast. You’d be surprised on how many dishes you can make days before. Here’s your guide to early prepping. You’re welcome.
  7. Not cleaning as you cook. Trust us… clean while you cook. Whistle while you work. Multitask. If you’re not thankful for anything yet, this can be your first. You’ll thank us when you don’t have a mountain of dishes stacked up to the top of your ceiling you have to clean. You know no one is going to help you clean a mess that big. And if they do, they will absolutely half** that sh*t.
  8. Underestimating the amount of food needed. Don’t underestimate how much you and your family can eat. Make bigger portions than normal and know the leftovers are going to be heaven.
  9. Trying new recipes. Pinterest is fun yes, but don’t try to create that brand new recipe you saw yesterday on the day of Thanksgiving. Nothing ever goes right the first try (that’s what she said).
  10. Not making time to enjoy the holiday. Thanksgiving is a time to sit down with the people you love, give thanks for what you have, and eat an enormous amount of delicious food. Don’t forget to stuff your face and have a good time.

Namaste, Y2 Yoga

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