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10 Reasons to Try Ashtanga – Shanna Small

June 17, 2019 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

Get to Know Ashtanga

One-on-one attention. Mysore style Ashtanga is essentially a group private for the cost of a regular class. $100+ or a class pass. Your choice.

Get over a plateau. A Mysore style Ashtanga class is essentially a group private. The teacher will talk to you about your specific needs and challenges and figure out why you are stuck.

Acquire the tools you need to work with injuries. A Mysore style teacher will speak with you about your injuries and come up with a plan that allows you to continue to grow in your yoga practice while you heal. Just let them know what movements your doctor needs you to avoid or add and your Mysore teacher will tailor the Yoga practice to your specific diagnosis. 

Accessible to all. Because Mysore style Ashtanga is essentially a group private, we can structure the experience to meet your unique needs.

Practice, practice, practice.  All is coming. - Sri Patthabi Jois

Gain strength, flexibility and increase stamina. We can make this class accessible and nurturing or incredibly hard...if that is what you are up for.  If you want your Ashtanga straight with no chaser, the traditional transitions and flow of Ashtanga Yoga are as hard as it gets. I am not just saying that. It is true. When Tanner needed to get ready for his last workshop, he came and took an Ashtanga class. Ask him. I am not even joking. 

Community/Connection. Your teacher will know your name and your shared experiences with the other students will make you friends for life. Not only will you have an extended family at Y2, Ashtangis from all over the world love to chit chat and bond. I ran into a woman, from Florida, with an Ashtanga shirt on at Trader Joes a few weeks ago. We talked for like 45 minutes. When I was having trouble getting the money to go to Miami last month to practice Ashtanga, Ashtangis, many of them perfect strangers from social media, paid for my trip.  Upon arriving in Miami, people I have only chatted with on Instagram, came over to give me hugs. In India, I had lunch dates with people from FaceBook. My experience with Ashtanga is the only time I have seen true loving connections grow from social media alone. I have morning coffee, lunches and dinners with my Charlotte Ashtanga family all the time. The love is monumental. 

A break from the music. Some days you may want your yoga practice to feel like a party and some days you may want a more quiet practice. Music is not used in any Ashtanga class. 

99% Practice, 1% Theory. - Sri Pattabhi Jois

You are looking for a little bit of sweat. Ashtanga is technically not a non heated class. It is warmer than the other classes upstairs but not as hot as Hot yoga. If you just like to glisten a little bit, come get your sheen on.

Find your super power. There is a saying “If you try to make a fish climb a tree he will live his whole life feeling like he is stupid.”  If you have ever felt like you are just not good at yoga, you just have not found your unique gifts. Your Mysore teacher will help you find your unique yoga super power and also help you build up immunity to your kryptonite aka get you stronger where you feel weak. 

Learn the path to peace and happiness. I am not even kidding you. Ashtanga Yoga is an 8 limbed system based on the ancient science of yoga. Ashtanga teaches that once you clear your mind and take a seat in your heart, you will know who you are, have PERFECT discernment (who doesn’t need that?) and you will be able to find a place of peace inside you that is unmessable with. This place is untouched by pain, sorrow, anger, grief, shame or any negativity. Our Yoga Studio Talks class every Sunday at 10AM, focuses on finding this place.

Bonus: Ashtanga Summer Camp at the end of the month is a great way to get started!!!!

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