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10 Things Your Yoga Teacher Wants You To Know

June 24, 2019 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

Your Yoga Teacher WANTS You To Know These 10 Things…:


1.  It’s not about how you look but how you feel.  If it doesn’t feel good, then don’t do it. And, if it hurts, then ask the teacher after class for a modification so it feels good.   Make love, not war with your body! 

2.  Life can be serious but Y2 Yoga is not.  The prescription at Y2 is always to chill the f#ck out and let that sh!t go!

3.  Just show up, your mat is a happy place.  It does matter if you want to, you need to.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your best practice, or your worst. A daily practice makes everything better, PERIOD!

4.  It’s all in the breath.  We say it over and over again: inhale and exhale. Why? Because you have the attention span of a gold fish and you forget.  Because the moment the breath is held your body is bracing for impact, will seize up, and will prevent you from getting into the pose. And, because the breath is the means in which you can tame the mind. *Note: you don’t have to know what that means, or care to tame the mind; the result is the same regardless with focus on the breath.

5.  Leave your phone in your locker, car or at home and DO NOT leave during Savasana.  Can’t keep you eyes of the Insta-Tweeter feed?  It’ll be there to melt your brain after class.  Kid’s sick at home and you’re worried you’ll miss the call?  Give it to the front desk and tell them to come get you.  We know some of you are still going to bring your phones in, and if it’s truly an emergency situation then we get it.  But, if you seriously came in with your phone to Shazaam songs and to stay in the loop on a group text, then you’re kind of just being an a**hole.  It’s like everyone around you has gathered to find peace and to get out of their heads, and you are playing Angry Birds… Why would you do that?  

And Savasana….

Hell hath no fury like the karma that will come to you if you leave during Savasana!  Imagine Jesus is breaking bread at the Last Supper and some guy gets up from the table and walks out… That guy may have eventually gotten into the Pearly Gates, but he would’ve probably tripped on his way out the door.  All we are saying is either leave before, or wait until the end.  If 5 minutes is going to throw your whole day off kilter, then you might want to loosen your schedule. 

6.  Nobody cares that you are sweating.  It’s HOT, it’s HUMID, and you are moving  ALOT!  You are sweating, we are sweating; it’s all good.  So what if you are a buck Ten, and sweat like Chris Farley doing jumping jacks in the attic and you left a puddle that rivals the Great Lakes.  That is a badge of honor and you should be proud!

7.  Set an intention.   Feel like it’s little bunny bullsh!t?  Well you can, and as a result you will miss out on the benefits.  Take the time to just say to yourself, “What do I want to get from this practice?”  Intention setting, like yoga, is a practice: it takes time and repetition. Here’s a talk on intention.

8. We see you and we wonder where you are when you haven’t shown up in a week or two.  We are a VAST extended family that has a reunion 10 times a day!  We may not speak regularly but we care about you and are always happy to see you on your mat! #YouMatterToUs

9.  We love your feedback.  Y2 embraces a culture of feedback!  Can’t hear a teacher, then let them know.  Love a song, then tell us.  Wasn’t hot enough, was too hot, was just right?  Okay Goldie Locks, thanks for the info!  Bathrooms too small?  Stop right there!  It is physically impossible to make those bigger, so write that feedback down on a piece of paper, soak it in lamp oil, find a lighter, burn it in the backyard, and never speak those words ever again.

10.  We [email protected]#king love teaching yoga!  We show up because you show up, and our intention is to make your day, and your life, a little better one practice at a time!

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