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11 Reasons We Love The Students Of Y2

August 26, 2020 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

In honor of our 11 year anniversary,

we wanted to give credit where credit is due. YOU are the reason we’ve been successful for 11 epic years! This is a list of 11 reasons why we f*cking love you. And YES, these are true facts about YOU!!!

  1. You work on whatever challenge awaits you on your mat. Even if that challenge means understanding when you need a break and taking child’s pose. You showing up is you facing the ultimate challenge.
  2. You are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of BETTER. Sometimes to become better you must take a few steps back. You keep going and push your boundaries even if you don’t feel like it. #YouAreStrong
  3. You are fearless. You face it, explore it, accept it, and rise above it. It might take a while, but we all end up having to face our fears. The more you do, the more you become #fearless.
  4. You are limitless. You have every capability to continue to find constant, never ending improvement.
  5. You are UNMESSABLE with. No one can touch you. You flow at Y2… your inner bada** is showing all day, everyday.
  6. You raise your own bar. Each time you show up to take class, you are raising that bar.
  7. You are loyal. We love you for being apart of our studio and supporting us always.
  8. You never stop believing. Don’t ever!!!
  9. You are bold.
  10. You are authentic. You are the only you on this planet. You are irreplaceable, genuine, and real.
  11. You shut up, flow, and let the yoga do its work. D*mn straight.

Thank you for showing up and being awesome very single day.

We are fortunate and grateful to each and everyone of our students that have supported us through this journey!

Namaste, Y2 Yoga

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