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16 Celebrities That Live And Breathe Yoga

June 15, 2020 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

Yes, celebrities live some extravagant amazing lives.

They have their own glam squad, bodyguards, fancy cars, assistants, and are probably quarantined in their huge a** mansions right now. However, their schedules are always packed, the spotlight is always on them, and their picture is constantly being taken, even on their worst days. The constant pressure to always be perfect can absolutely cause some unwanted stress and anxiety in their lives. Talk about a high-stress job. Practicing that mind-body connection through movement can help relieve some of the tension in their shoulders, and their minds. These celebrities have chosen yoga, swear by it, live, breathe, and love yoga.

Check it out:

  1. Beyonce. Of course we’re starting with Beyonce. We know there’s millions of people out there who envy Beyonce’s amazing physique and impeccable dance moves. So, she’s often asked about her workout regimen. She does like to include some variation on her workouts, which includes lots and lots of yoga. Especially on vacation. Did you know she’s got her own activewear brand called Ivy Park? You’ve got to check it out.
  2. David Beckham. This soccer playing yogi found strength, peace and relaxation through yoga. Bikram yoga to get more specific. He’s also practiced couples yoga with his wife, Victoria Beckham. #CoupleGoals
  3. Jennifer Aniston. When she’s not being asked about her role as Rachel Green on “Friends”, she’s flowing it out. “Yoga kind of helps you prepare for everything honestly. It’s like meditation. It sort of allows anything that’s coming at you at the end of the day to be kind of doable.” – Jennifer Aniston. We think she said it best, don’t you?
  4. Matthew McConaughey. Alright alright alriiiigggghhhhtttt. Did you know he loves to stay fit by practicing yoga on the beach? No wonder he was cast to be in Magic Mike. Yoga must’ve helped.
  5. Kate Hudson. This actress loves yoga so much, she’s got her own fitness apparel line called Fabletics.
  6. Justin Timberlake. You can most likely catch him doing yoga with his wife Jessica Biel. Which brings us to number 7…
  7. Jessica Biel. She usually does yoga about 2 or 3 times a week. “Yoga for me is more of an elongating thing.”
  8. Russell Brand. “I’m dedicating myself to all sorts of interesting things, you know. Transcendental meditation, kundalini yoga, these things are right good for the old spirit.” Well said Russell.
  9. Ryan Gosling. Not only is he the star of the “Hey Girl” memes, and the classic movie, “The Notebook“, but he’s also one of the many stars who has turned to yoga for mental and physical health.
  10. Adam Levine. He loves yoga so much, that at any maroon 5 concert, you could see a room backstage that was marked, “Yoga”.
  11. Robert Downey Jr. Talk about a comeback. Iron Man swears by yoga to help control his addictions from his past.
  12. Reese Witherspoon. This legally blonde yogi is very passionate about yoga and gives all credits to her teacher Kirschen Hagenlocher.
  13. Tom Hanks. “I started doing the yoga, it’s the greatest thing you can ever do.”
  14. Jessica Alba. She once told the LA Times in an interview that she loves hot yoga and yoga sculpt.
  15. Sting. He is a dedicated Ashtanga yogi. He also says that his yoga practice is what keeps him young. Yoga is apart of Sting’s regular routine.
  16. Andy Grammar. Last but certainly not least, Andy Grammar. Did you know he used to practice at Y2 and has played guitar and performed for Y2 Yogi’s in Savasana before??? #Y2IsWhereItsAt

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