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5 Ways to Stay Positive

May 25, 2020 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

It seems like we’ve been in “uncertain times” for way too long. You might soon come to think that there is no end in sight. However, the trick is to be content with where we are now. Yes, it’s not ideal, but the best way to make time go by just a bit faster, and enjoy each day the best you can, is to be 100% okay with the fact that times might not be the best, and that’s okay. Since it was supposed to be our re-opening day on May 23rd (which is long gone now) and we still aren’t open, we decided to give you, and ourselves 5 ways to stay positive:

  1. Be content with where you are now. Like we just said (see above text), even though these might not be the best of times (or the worst of times), practice on being okay with the fact that things aren’t super awesome and we don’t know what tomorrow brings. Being okay with not being okay is the best way to make things better for yourself.
  2. Limit social media! This is an important one. Lets all be honest… who doesn’t put their best foot forward on social media??? No one! People post only the best things they have to offer the world, so it may look like everyone else is living the life in quarantine, but everything is not always what it seems. The more you look at the perfectly crafted posts, the worse your mindset will be.
  3. Find someone to keep your positivity in check. Grab a partner everyone! Sometimes, just like having a workout buddy, having a positive accountability buddy can help too. Keep each other in check everyday. And – added bonus –  the more you have to keep them in check, the more you’ll have to stay positive!
  4. Shift your focus. This is something you’ll have to practice for just a little bit before you can master it. Whenever you find yourself  thinking of negative thoughts or situations, stop in your tracks and think of 3 or more motive things. Whatever they might be. Maybe one is you get to watch your favorite tv show later after work or that you’re having pizza for dinner. It can be the smallest and most simplistic of things. But erase those negative thoughts with a few positive ones, and you’ll find that there are more positive things in your life than negative ones (no matter how small those positive things may be).
  5. Laughter, and yoga. The perfect combination. Find ways to make yourself laugh a lot more . Laughter is the best medicine they say. And we can’t leave out yoga. Yoga is moving meditation people! Think about our slogan: “Shut Up & Flow”. Turn your brain off and just move your body. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself!

Stay positive yogis and take advantage of this time. The world is just a little bit more quiet and that’s okay for now!

Namaste, Y2 Yoga

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