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7 common fears about yoga teacher training…don’t let them hold you back!

May 18, 2017 Posted by Jen Eddins Blog

The decision to sign up for yoga teacher training is a big one. I remember wrestling with it for weeks before I made the commitment. The questions racing through my mind included, “How in the world was I going to pay for it? Was I experienced enough? Did I really want to teach yoga? How could I fit it into my already jam-packed work and social schedule?” 

Send me an email, grab me for coffee or let’s chat after class if you want to hear the full story of how I made my decision but overcoming my fears and anxieties and doing something outside of my comfort zone ended up being the catalyst for shifts in my life that I never though possible. I graduated from teacher training six years ago and I every single day I still feel like I’m gaining a deeper understanding of the practice, myself and the world around me. Teacher training woke me up in so, so many ways and the hunger to keep learning and growing has stayed with me long past our graduation ceremony.

We receive all kinds of questions and concerns from prospective teacher trainees so I’ve compiled 7 of the most common fears/excuses/roadblocks about teacher training and why they shouldn’t stop you.

7 common fears about yoga teacher training

“I’m not ready.”

If you desire to deepen your personal practice and learn more about yoga, you are ready for teacher training. There is no set amount of experience required or a certain number of years of practice. We have had past trainees with as little as six months of yoga experience all the way to 20+ years of practice under their belts. It’s about your love for the practice and your desire to deepen your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

“My practice isn’t advanced enough.”

Doesn’t matter. For real. You don’t have to be able to do headstands and handstands on command (or at all) to enroll in teacher training. There is no requirement on arm balancing skills. We will not pick apart your asana practice. It will grow through teacher training as you learn more about ashtanga yoga and spend time on anatomy and assisting but teacher training is about so much more than your physical practice.

7 common fears about yoga teacher training

“I’m too old or too young.”

The beautiful thing about teacher training is that it brings together people from all walks of life. In our Winter 2016 Teacher Training last year we had 30 trainees including the following…

– A 17 year old high school student
– A 46 year old stay-at-home mom of 4
– A 51 year old career landscaper and gardener
– A 26 year old newspaper writer
– A 34 year old divorce attorney

…And many more! It’s so amazing to see all of these people come together with seemingly little in common other than their love of yoga and realize that they actually have so many similar life experiences and so much to learn from each other.

“Now isn’t the right time.”

There is never a perfect time. You will figure it out. The one constant about life is that it’s always changing. If you feel ready now, figure out a way to make it happen now.

“I have to miss a weekend.”

Almost everyone enrolled will have to miss an evening or afternoon or entire weekend. We totally get that life is busy and we will work with you on makeup work to complete the hours you missed.

7 common fears about yoga teacher training

“I don’t want to teach yoga. Or, I want to teach a different style of yoga than power.”

First, you do not have to want to teach yoga to enroll in teacher training. Many do it for their own personal development and to deepen their practice. That said, almost everyone who graduates from our program ends up teaching in some capacity whether it be privates with friends and family, teaching yoga to kids or in schools, teaching at local gyms or teaching in a studio. Our program will prepare you to take yoga to many different audiences. We even have one past graduate who started a non-profit that teaches yoga to incarcerated and homeless men.

“The financial investment is worrisome.”

We offer an annual scholarship for 50% off of teacher training tuition to one student. Second, we will happily work with you on a payment plan that works for your current financial situation.

y2 yoga 200-hour yoga teacher training

In closing, our door is always open if you’d like to have a conversation about your teacher training journey. Don’t hesitate email Tanner or myself with any questions or concerns that you might have.

Our 2017 Summer Teacher Training begins on June 8. Get dates and more info here. Look for dates to come soon for our Winter 2018 Training.

About Jen Eddins

Jen Eddins is the marketing director for Y2 Yoga, Namastay Kitchen and Savasana Spa & Oasis and a lead teacher for Y2 Yoga. She loves handstands, golden retrievers and spending time in the kitchen.