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7 Things You Should Never Do Before Your Practice

July 8, 2019 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

Consider yourself warned…..

Here are 7 things you should NEVER…. we repeat…. NEVER do before yoga.

  1. Rush. The whole point of getting your practice in is to find space to slowwww down. Find a sense of peace. Relax yourself. The last thing you want to be doing is sprinting to the front desk to sign up for the 6pm class at 6:12pm. Then, walking into class with your mat and water bottle inching your way to a spot and getting kicked in the face by a 3pt.
  2. Drink Caffeine. Caffeine will throw off your balance and create tension in your muscles. Last but certainly not least, the yoga itself will increase your heart rate, we don’t want the caffeine to have already done that. Don’t believe us?  Read this.
  3. Drink alcoholic beverages. … This should be a no brainer, however some of us yogis are pretty rebellious. “Practice hard, Play hard”… that’s the quote, right? Just like caffeine, the alcohol is going to effect your balance (duh), and so much more. Alcohol can also cause extreme stupidity. For example, many moons ago (when Y2 was in the space next door) someone bet their inebriated friend to get up from the bar that used to occupy our current space and take a hot class.  That friend took a hot class, and that friend prayed to the porcelain god mid way through.  Friends don’t let friends drink and take yoga…they just don’t.
  4. Eat a ton. An empty stomach feels much better when practicing. If ANYTHING, you should eat something very, very small (i.e granola bar, banana, apple). Some of you won’t listen to us on this one.. so go ahead, we dare you. Go to Chipotle, get a bowl, a burrito, whatever your little heart desires, and then come do chair twist.
  5. Drink a ton of water. Hydrating before and during class is super important (take breaks, hydrate, take a child’s!), however, too much water before class is just like eating too much. You don’t want to practice on a full stomach.
  6.  Put on perfume. Yoga is a moving meditation. There’s the physical practice, asana, and there is also the breathing practice, pranayama. No one wants to take a deep inhale of your “vanilla blossom cherry in the sunlight” during class.
  7. Stretching before-hand. Pointless. The yoga is going to warm you up. Especially if it’s a heated class. Cold-stretching right before a class can be more harmful than helpful. It can possibly lead to an injury; like pulling or tearing a muscle. Arrived a bit early? You don’t have to just sit there and stare off into space. Here’s some things you can do right before class starts to mentally and physically prepare you for the amazing practice ahead.



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