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Are You Staying Motivated?

February 22, 2021 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

Staying Motivated

The number 1 problem with New Year’s resolutions is that we use the holidays as a period of reflection about what we want to change about ourselves, but we don’t take the time to plan effectively for how to actually achieve our goals over the entire year. Fitness always seems to play into the resolutions around NYE.  We want to change our fitness routine, add to it and improve overall health, but have you mapped out how you are actually going to achieve these goals and are they sustainable?  Two months into the year and as March approaches, have you reflected on what is working and what is not?  Below are some ideas to maintain your fitness goals and “tips” on how to keep motivated.  Remember spring and summer are coming!😉 Don’t stop now….SHUT UP & FLOW!

Start thinking of yourself as an athlete not a couch potato

Schedule a regular work out time.  Book your classes on Sunday and put them into your calendar like a meeting that you can not cancel!

Find a workout buddy/accountability buddy that you can workout with.  Not only will you not want to let your “buddy” down, it makes it more fun and social!  Grab coffee or a drink after!

Reward yourself 

Make physical exercise part of your daily routine…..whether playing with kids, walking dog or a sport you love to name a few!

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