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Back to School 2021/2022

August 3, 2021 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog


Back to School Month in August gears up parents, and students for a season of education and back to schedules.

This year might be filled with more stress and anxiety than years in the past as we had a challenging school 2020/2021, so how do we prepare? Preparing children for the new year includes everything from supplies, clothes, checkups, planning schedules.  Below are some great tips:

Make the First Day of School Part of Your Discussion

Take a Look at Your School’s Website for Teacher’s Names 

Add the School Calendar to Your Calendar 

Go Back to School Supply Shopping Before School Starts 

Set Up a Homework ZONE 

Use a Little First Day of School Magic Dust

Now that your kids are ready for school and their new schedules, it is time for you to start your new routine!  Make sure you make time to take care of yourself.  Of course, this means physically and mentally.  Chaotic schedules can mean stressful parents, schedule your YOGA the same way you schedule your kids activities.  Don’t skip your time as this could affect your ability to be an effective parent.  Schedule your yoga and possibly include a friend.  It is always more fun to have an accountability buddy.  And, after your workout, you can grab a coffee/smoothie.  You will leave ready to conquer your day!

Wishing everyone a great start to their school year!

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