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Benefits of Wearing a Mask During Yoga

July 22, 2020 Posted by tanner Blog

We have opened our doors!

It’s exciting, yes! However, we have brand new guidelines in place to keep our staff and all of you safe so we can continue to stay open, and keep flowing. One of those guidelines is to wear a mask throughout the studio, and during class. You might be thinking, “What?!? Wear a mask DURING yoga class??? No way is that comfortable, or healthy!”. We understand you might be nervous to sweat it out with a mask on. We get it. BUT – We must take all steps necessary to stay safe! To help calm your nerves, we’ve done our research and found out that athletes actually wear masks during their workouts to improve their abilities and become even stronger, and get more fit! (All facts from TrainingMask). Wearing a mask is a method of respiratory training. Wearing a mask increases tension on your breathing, which makes you work harder to breathe controllably, thus making you more powerful and efficient over a long workout. Breathing better will in fact help you reach your fitness goals!!! We aren’t lying! Read more here!

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