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Blog – Masks Are Good!

November 19, 2020 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog


>Yesterday, we found ourselves inspired by Sweatnet’s Instagram post, and felt compelled to share with each of you.  What was it about?  Masks.  Specifically, how several cities across the US are moving toward requiring masks to exercise in studios.  

In case you missed it, here’s the post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHx7u5QpyzB/

While Charlotte hasn’t made that decision, as our members know, you must wear a mask while you practice at Y2.  Why is this so important to Y2?  

Our yogis are family. Because of this, we want to have the highest safety measures in place.  That means wearing a mask while practicing, in addition, we reinforce sanitizing between every class, no equipment rental, no lockers/showers, and taking temperatures prior to entering the studio as just part of our new COVID protocols. 

Yes, Y2 Yoga is one of the only studios in Charlotte that require a mask, but gyms/studios in many other states (and more likely to come) do require masks while exercising. Those states include:  Maryland, Texas, California, New York, New Mexico.   In the bigger picture, for your safety, for the safety of our yogis, for everyone … it just makes sense f*cking sense.   

We admit, wearing a face mask does take some getting used to but, given time, you do get used to it.  It allows us to feel we are providing the safest environment for our members, staff and the entire community.  Yes, we want “life” back to what it was pre-COVID, but we feel strongly this will HELP in the long run.  We just need to all do our part.

Wearing  “masks” helps stop the spread of the virus.  Why is this important?  We know the virus spreads through air particles and when we are breathing heavier, the particles can “fly” further.  Remaining 6 feet apart, and wearing a mask, can drastically help stop the spread of COVID.  We understand that wearing a mask can make it a bit harder to breathe, but it does not reduce the amount of oxygen your blood and lungs are able to absorb.  You might breathe faster but that is not dangerous.  Of course, if you do ever feel light headed, take off the mask in a private setting and take some deep breaths.  

We have found that paper masks work very well when flowing through either our Single Shot or Double Shot.   Retailers are also designing and selling masks for the athlete in all of us.  Sweatnet recommends the following masks: Athleta, UA Sportsmask and Onzie.

We can’t wait until things get back to normal.  Until then, SHUT UP & FLOW…with a mask!😂

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