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Blog – Yoga Clothes

October 22, 2020 Posted by MikeSherman Blog




Have you ever stepped into the studio and thought to yourself, I’m just not feeling “it” today?  Perhaps the cause of this emotion may simply be that your yoga outfit was just not right.  Has it become out of style?  A bit tattered around the edges?  Maybe you noticed it carries, shall we say, a smell you no longer can get rid of in the wash?  All of the above?

yoga pants

Well, having a new yoga outfit to wear to class no doubt can change your entire vibe and even push you harder.  True, right?  But with so many options to choose from, what makes for the “right one”?  And not just “an outfit” to wear when running errands.  Although, we must admit, a new athleisure outfit to wear when running errands is a bonus TOO! 

yoga pants

Practicing yoga can be hard on its own, so we do not need an outfit that we are annoyed with.  You know the type; sagging, too tight, or just plain uncomfortable.  Of course, being fashionable doesn’t hurt either so have fun with your purchases.   Here are a few simple rules to follow when purchasing that perfect Yoga outfit:   

  • Breathable, flexible yoga pants or shorts
  • Breathable, narrow- or form-fitting tops that won’t hang over your head when you’re upside down
  • For women, a sports bra or built-in shelf bra that offers enough support for the type of yoga you’re practicing
  • A comfortable, warm, top layer for end-of-class savasana or for after class when you’ve cooled down

yoga pants

REMINDER … it’s not ideal to wear 100% cotton tops because they absorb sweat and become heavy.

When you’re out, or online, shopping for that “perfect” yoga outfit that will make your practice even better, look for a few of the brands that our Y2 instructors absolutely love such as:  Lululemon, Alo, Onzie, La Society, Mono B, Yi Tong, Athleta, Fabletics, and Zelle to name a few. 

Oh, did we mention we carry lots of these brands right here at Y2 Yoga??!!  Come on in, take a class, and wrap up with some VERY SATISFYING “retail therapy”!  


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