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Intentions for 2016

A fresh start.  Don’t you feel it every time you step onto your yoga mat?  This beautiful practice we share is our opportunity to reset and recharge, exhale and...

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Yoga Teacher Training? 2016 is Your Year!

There is a lot of magic that happens at Y2.  One of the craziest consequences of a yoga practice is the seed of desire it plants to know more...

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Anyone else feeling a bit worn out? I love the Christmas season but after the “big day,” I am done.  I have eaten enough, shopped enough, entertained enough.  I’ve decorated...

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What’s On Your Mat?

You don’t need to bring much to a yoga class – your mat, a couple of towels (one for the mat and maybe one to wipe the leftover mascara...

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Breaking Down the Pose – Pigeon

The lights start to dim and the tempo of the music slows.  My heart is racing, sweat is pouring … “Right shin across the mat….parallel to the front mirrors...

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Yoga 101.1: I can’t touch my toes…am I disqualified?

Somewhere along the way in the past 6 years, yoga has become a defining trait of mine.  It has not been purposeful, although I suspect the yoga-themed, inspirational quotes...

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