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7 common fears about yoga teacher training…don’t let them hold you back!

The decision to sign up for yoga teacher training is a big one. I remember wrestling with it for weeks before I made the commitment. The questions racing through...

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Does the music turning off, throw you off? Heat a little below your liking and now your practice is ruined? Sub walks in and your good mood walks out?...

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Welcome Home

I’ve fallen off the wagon.  Truth be told, there are probably a lot of wagons I have abandoned over the course of time.  Figuring out how to climb back...

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mind your manners

We are pretty chill up in here. You are not going to find a lot of hard and fast “rules” at Y2.  We truly believe this is your practice,...

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Intentions for 2016

A fresh start.  Don’t you feel it every time you step onto your yoga mat?  This beautiful practice we share is our opportunity to reset and recharge, exhale and...

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Yoga Teacher Training? 2016 is Your Year!

There is a lot of magic that happens at Y2.  One of the craziest consequences of a yoga practice is the seed of desire it plants to know more...

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