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Anyone else feeling a bit worn out? I love the Christmas season but after the “big day,” I am done.  I have eaten enough, shopped enough, entertained enough.  I’ve decorated...

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What’s On Your Mat?

You don’t need to bring much to a yoga class – your mat, a couple of towels (one for the mat and maybe one to wipe the leftover mascara...

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Breaking Down the Pose – Pigeon

The lights start to dim and the tempo of the music slows.  My heart is racing, sweat is pouring … “Right shin across the mat….parallel to the front mirrors...

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Yoga 101.1: I can’t touch my toes…am I disqualified?

Somewhere along the way in the past 6 years, yoga has become a defining trait of mine.  It has not been purposeful, although I suspect the yoga-themed, inspirational quotes...

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Y2’s Very Own Giving Tree

Happy Giving Tuesday!! Giving back and supporting others is an integral part of the practice of yoga and our community at Y2.  The studio has always been a tremendous...

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The Space In Between

Life is often marked, even measured, by the big moments. Big moments like a milestone birthday or the day the baby started to walk. Days dedicated to a collective...

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