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Child Watch is a program at Y2 Yoga for children ages 6 months and up that provides a safe, secure and supervised environment where kids can play while you focus on your practice. Under close supervision by our Child Watch Teachers, your children will enjoy our play area while they participate in craft activities, color, play with new friends, and more! If a situation arises and it’s appropriate to alert the parent, our staff can easily come and get you in the studio. Rest assured your kids are in good hands while at Y2 Yoga’s Child Watch!


*NOTE: Child Watch is first come/first serve. No pre-registration is available. 

9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.


Y2 Yoga Child Watch Tiered Pricing:

Child 1 $10
Child 2 $7.50
Child 3 $5
Child 4 $2.50
Child 5 FREE

These discounts are available for siblings only. One hour minimum and then billed in 30 minute increments.

Child Watch Policies


Child watch is available for children ages 6 months and up. You can use our child watch program to enjoy a class at Y2 or a service at Y2 Spa. If this is your first visit, please arrive 15 minutes before class to give you and your child time to get checked in and settled. A Child Watch Information & Liability Waiver form must be on file for any child who participates in the Child Watch program. This form must be filled out and signed by the child’s parent or guardian before the child can play with us during class. You can print at home and bring it in with you to save time or you can fill one out when you drop off for the first time. These forms are kept on file in the Child Watch area for the teacher’s use. Please notify the teacher of any change of information on your child’s form.

Check In & Out Procedures

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to help settle your child in before class starts. All parents and children must check in with Y2 Yoga staff and complete the sign in sheet before entering the Child Watch area.

*Please note that there is a maximum occupancy limit on the Child Watch area and that parents may be asked to wait with their children until a child has been picked up and a space has become available. 

Illness Policy

Children should not be in Child Watch if they are ill and children should not return to Child Watch until they have been fever-free and symptom-free for 24 hours without medication. If during your child’s visit we discover that your child has a fever or other signs of illness, you will be asked to leave class to take them home.

Personal Belongings

Neither Y2 Yoga or the Child Watch teacher is responsible for loss or damage to your child’s items. We ask that you do not bring your child’s toys from home to Child Watch. They may get lost or broken and it is often difficult for a child to share them with other children. Be sure to label all personal items. Medications will not be administered by the Child Watch staff.


You may bring a sippy cup/drink for your child while they are in Child Watch.  We will not provide any snacks or meals during Child Watch hours. Please feed your child prior to coming to class.

In order to be fair to all of our children as well as more mindful of food allergies, snacks are no longer permitted during Child Watch.

Inconsolable Child Policy

If the Child Watch staff is unable to console a child after 15 minutes of continuous distress, you will be notified by a staff member. We ask that you please pause your practice and come console your child. We will make very effort to comfort your child, but do not want the child to have an unhappy experience.

Parent On Premises

A parent or guardian must remain at Y2 Yoga the entire time their child is in Child Watch. This is mandated by the State of North Carolina in accordance with our child care exemption status.