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274 S Sharon Amity Rd Suite 1, Charlotte, NC


Students Compete




Yoga Champion

The Rules:

I.  First Come, First Serve – spots are limited Sign Up – two tournaments, two chances to win.

II.  Pay to Play – $19 to Sign Up*

III.  Random Assignment – students will be assigned their first position on the bracket

IV.  Score Points – 1 point is given for each class taken ONLINE, ON DEMAND or at EITHER STUDIO

V.  Honor System – track your points and write your score next to your name at the end of each round

VI.  High Score Advances – student with the most points moves to the next round

VII.  Tie Breakers – students will have 5 basketball shots from 8″ away at the front desk**

VIII.  Everyone Wins – all participants receive a LIMITED EDITION 2021 Y2 Yoga Madness tank top 

* $19 Fee is required to participate in each tournament. 

** High score advances. When there is a tie students have 24 hours to take their 5 shots, otherwise the front desk will flip a coin to declare a winner. 

1st Round
Mar 15th and Mar 19th


FREE bottle of Flow Water

Sweet 16
Mar 27th and Mar 28th
Receive 50% off Yogitoes

Final Four
Apr 2nd – Apr 3rd
Receive 50% off Y2 branded retail

2nd Round
Mar 21st – Mar 25th
Receive 20% of retail

Elite 8
Mar 30th – Apr 1st
Receive 20% off a 10 pack

Apr 4th – Apr 5th

Prize:  3 months FREE