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274 S Sharon Amity Rd Suite 1, Charlotte, NC

Ayurvedic Fall Community Cleanse: Transition into Fall with a Detoxed + Renewed Body and Mind
Thursday’s September 30, + October 7, 14, 21 at Y2 Cotswold

“Nourishment is the basis of health and the fuel for healing. Nourishment is more than what we eat and drink.” -Susan Weed
Did you know bliss is our natural state? We feel it when we are healthy in our body and at ease in our hearts. Sadly, our current world presents the body and mind with an aggressive amount of harmful chemicals and foods that take away this natural bliss.
The great news is when we join together as a community and add simple delicious Ayurvedic food, yoga practices, and daily routines we establish vitality and strength for the coming winter months.
It’s time to nourish the tender soil of your life, your body and mind.

Do you feel stretched thin, and walking in self-doubt?
Do you feel depleted and need to come back to home, to your body and heart?
Are you feeling grief or sadness, and know that community fuels your soul, and you crave

Calling all who feel worried or anxious and want to get grounded.
Calling all who remember when they felt at ease, and that memory is fading
Calling all who are ready to feel nourished in heart and mind
Cleansing is not about losing weight or looking a certain way. This cleanse is a chance to replenish and nourish ourselves, enhance our energy & vitality, improve lightness and a fit body, reduce inflammation, joint pain, reduce food cravings and addictions, and increase light in the eyes and a glow to the skin.

This fall community cleanse is the catalyst for balance in your body and mind, equanimity  in your nervous system and greater clarity mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Through the use of tools from Ayurveda, Yoga, and modern somatic practices, you will leave this workshop with a balanced and healthy body mind, an equanimous nervous system and
greater clarity mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

WHEN: Thursday’s: September 30, October 7, 14, 21

WHERE: Y2 Yoga Cotswold Studio 3

COST: $199

You will receive an info booklet all about Ayurveda, daily tips and tools to enhance your vitality and enthusiasm, meditation practices. If you choose to do the cleanse, you will receive guidance and through the entire process. This workshop does not include asana, practice before or after!

Afternoon Session (12:oopm – 1:15pm)