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What if you didn’t wait til Jan 1st to commit to your health?

Commit Now!

The Y2 62 DAY FULL CHALLENGE consists of taking 62 yoga classes in 62 Days.  The Y2 HALF CHALLENGE consists of taking 31 yoga classes in 62 Days.  Don’t wait to the New Year to commit to your health start November 1st and enter the New Year the best mentally, physically and  spiritually you CAN BE!  Costs to participants is $49* for Full Challenge and $29* for Half Challenge.  Click the link to sign up!

*Please note:  this cost does not include passes to practice

ALL 62 Day Challenge will receive a “Survival Kit”. The Survival Kit will include a  limited edition Y2 Yoga Challenge T-Shirt plus a Y2 water bottle and Superieur Electrolytes Supplement! (70 supply for full challenge and 30 day supply for half challenge).  The Survival Kits will be available at Front Desk on October 20th.

PLUS, Complete the FULL Challenge and be entered to win 1 year of unlimited yoga!

Complete the HALF Challenge and be entered to win 6 mnths of unlimited yoga!

Wait are you waiting for?