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December 27, 2015 Posted by Jen Eddins Blog

Anyone else feeling a bit worn out?

I love the Christmas season but after the “big day,” I am done.  I have eaten enough, shopped enough, entertained enough.  I’ve decorated and cleaned and cooked and wrapped.  I have licked so many envelopes I seriously worried I was coming dangerously close to death by glue poisoning.


Every year I have the best of intentions to maintain a consistent, physical yoga practice (no doubt I have to take a lot of deep breaths over the holidays, but that is more a lifeline to sanity than it is a regular practice).  I sign up for the 62-day challenge and mark out class times on my calendar.  I hit it hard until about December 1st….then it all starts to unravel.  I haven’t managed to complete the challenge…yet. I’ll just keep practicing with the hope to do a few more practices next year than I did this year.

Danielle Laporte’s post today on Instagram refers to this week between Christmas and New Year’s as a bridge in time.  The idea of using this week as one big exhale, a period of sanity after the frenzy, feels like a little gift of relief.  A few days to refocus on myself, recover from the holidays and prepare for the year ahead is exactly what I think most of us need.  The next few days can be used to to wrap up the old, loose ends and look forward to the clean slate of next year.  A finish before the beginning.

Soon enough we will be declaring our resolutions and intentions for 2016 to friends and family – maybe even the Facebook world.  We will set goals – big and small – and plan the ways to reach them. Before we get caught up in looking ahead, perhaps the next few days can be used to reflect on 2015.  Our own personal year in review….but with a twist.


We are so hard on ourselves.  It is too easy to think about the ways we have failed – the things that didn’t get done or the goals we didn’t achieve.  We use these failings to shape what we want to do aim to do next year.  What if this year our default reflection was one of self celebration?  What if we decided to focus on everything we DID this year, instead of what was left undone? What if we celebrated every single little success instead of highlighting every little disappointment?  What if we shouted out to the world how great we are??  (No, really, I am serious.)

It’s not an easy thing to celebrate ourselves.  It is hard to say, even silently to ourselves, that we are wonderful. It is difficult to love our physical body, to appreciate our own sharp mind or pithy sense of humor.  Our natural talents are too often downplayed and our accomplishments diminished.  I wonder how different our 2016 resolutions might be if we take a few days to practice self-love and celebration…

I would LOVE to hear about your 2015 accomplishments – big and small.  Our community at Y2 is filled to the brim with the most amazing people…let’s celebrate our collective wonderful accomplishments. Be brave and comment below!




About Jen Eddins

Jen Eddins is the marketing director for Y2 Yoga, Namastay Kitchen and Savasana Spa & Oasis and a lead teacher for Y2 Yoga. She loves handstands, golden retrievers and spending time in the kitchen.