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We are chill, here’s how we think

October 5, 2015 Posted by tanner Blog

There are many ways to cook an egg, neither is wrong, it just depends on how you like your eggs.

We call out poses, play good music, tell uplifting stories, and occasionally share a quote to inspire you.

What you experience is personal to you, and neither right nor wrong, it just is.

We believe that there is power in getting quiet and moving our bodies in challenging ways while trying to remain calm.

We believe playing good music LOUD helps with getting the mind quiet… and it makes it FUN!

We believe that how we react to the challenges on our mat effects how we react to life’s challenges off of our mat.

To put it another way: if we can PRACTICE patience, stability, strength, flexibility, and inner peace when things get REALLY HARD and be okay with it on our mats, we will start to be okay with it off of our mats in our daily lives. Being able to do the postures has NOTHING to do with it, what comes up when you are challenged with the pose DOES!

We have our thoughts on “why” it works, but whether those ideas are right are wrong, practice yoga and change will happen, PERIOD!

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