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What should I expect in my first yoga class?

April 24, 2015 Posted by tanner Blog

Everyone in the class is on their mat and this is their personal space for the duration of class. Remember that every single person in the room had the experience of taking their first yoga class ever at some point.

A typical class starts off in child’s pose. Newbies often sit quietly during this time and wonder what is going on, or what have they gotten themselves into. A warm up usually follows, then a flowing sequence, and the a floor sequence. While Y2 teachers do not practice with their students, our teachers guide you through class with verbal cuing and hands-on adjustments.

All classes end in savasana, which literally means Corpse Pose. Students are encouraged to stay through the duration of this time and allow the postures and their practice to settle into the body. Class usually ends with chanting Om. Om means peace and chanting it together creates a powerful energetic vibration that kind of seals the deal on practice, in a sense.

The first class will be the hardest. Each time you come back to your mat you’ll get a better grip on the terminology and postures. Class 10 will feel completely different than class one. If you really want a chance to break it down, we offer private instruction.

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