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Your Dad Isn’t the Only One…

June 10, 2019 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

Let's be honest: dads pretty much get the shaft on Father's Day when you compare it to Mother's Day.   Instead of giving your dad what he really wants (probably an afternoon in solitude with no responsibilities whatsoever and the opportunity to do whatever will make his heart content, he get's a day planned and mapped out by "you know who", asked to put on his Sunday best, parade around with the kids all morning, and then rush home to get the grill out to make lunch....).

Finn in a pumpkin

So what if he put you inside a pumpkin when you were a helpless baby just to show that he could pull it off....

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Or took a picture wearing an ugly and embarrassing Christmas sweater he plans on putting in your high school year book.... #BestSNLskitever

Dads deserve better than that and you can start by getting him something that he might like!  You can't go wrong with tools, and gadgets, and golf...and golf gadgets...

Here is a list 25 Gift Ideas for dad that don't suck!

23 Things That All Dads Are Guilty Of Doing, But Nobody Knows Why

After your done shopping, check to see if your dad does any of these random things so you can feel confident that you aren't the only one with an insane father!

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