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274 S Sharon Amity Rd Suite 1, Charlotte, NC


With Dorie and Johnna

Join on ZOOM, limited in-person, at Y2 (first come first serve) and Recorded


We want to join with you, soul-FULL sister, in spending time remembering who the hell we are.

You are a force of nature.

Such a badass  you can both demand excellence in jobs you slay and oh so softly pet your covid-puppy (kitten) to sleep. You are everything. Boldly Beauty, I know you sense this.  Sometimes you forget it. Your perspective gets clouded over with…quarantine life.

This F*UCK COVID CHALLENGE (women’s empowerment group) is an immersion that includes meditation, movement practices to support your asana, ancient and modern wisdom for clarity, deep dives into the parts of your life that are trying to get your attention. This 3-month journey is about loving what is real. Loving what is honest. And take your life back.


Join Dorie + Johnna with others just like you to discuss and take action on the following topics:

FOOD: What are you consuming and why? Do you want to get a hold of your health and vitality by making better food (and of course lifestyle) choices into habits?

CLEARING: Are you stuck? Do you want to tap into the FREEDOM from what’s not working in your life and create space in your body, your mind and in your heart?

SUPPORT: Do you want stability during these ungrounded times?  How can you hold SACRED those soft parts of you that know you are not alone, but you feel alone?

PURPOSE: Do you yearn to be emboldened to EXPAND, take up space and feel alive again?

POWER: Have you forgotten what a badass you are? This is a journey and you have everything you need right now to thrive. You are worth it.

Let love, not fear be your guide.

You can expect:

To leave with practices that both fire you up and center you.

Have life-long resources to guide you on a life filled with purpose.

A new relationship with confidence, risk and failure.

You can expect to make friends for life and find your best friend within.



Saturday December 5, 1-4 pm | Food

Wednesday December 16, 6-7 pm | Food

Sunday January 3, 1-4 pm | Clearing

Wednesday January 13, 6-7 pm | Support

Saturday February 6, 1-4 pm | Purpose

Monday February 15, 6-7 pm | Purpose + Power

Saturday March 6, 1-4 pm | Power



Limited In-Person at Y2 Yoga (first come first serve)

Zoom online

Recordings in case you miss a session

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