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A Guide to Finding the Right Y2 Class for You

First things first, it’s important to remember that EVERY SINGLE STUDENT experienced their first yoga class and their first Y2 class at some point in time. You will have absolutely no idea what’s going on during your first class (or two or three or four…) and that’s OKAY, neither did we! There is no judgement because we have literally all been there. Go into it with an open mind.

We believe you can take ANY CLASS on our schedule and that’s why you won’t see us labeling things as “beginner” or “advanced.” Of course there will be a learning curve but we encourage you to look around the room and copy what you see everyone else doing, take breaks at anytime you need and listen to you body!

We know that everyone has a different reason for showing up on the mat so we’ve created this handy graphic to help you find the right Y2 class for you! We offer over 100 classes every week with everything from hot power flow to deep stretch to non-heated vinyasa and much more. We’re confident that there’s a Y2 class for you!

We promise, after the first couple of classes you will get into a groove, start to flow and get lost in your breath; and that’s where change happens.

And if you find that you’re initial reaction is to run far, far away. Come back. This practice will push you to your edges but we promise it’s worth it. We offer a new student special where you can choose between 3 weeks of UNLIMITED yoga for $39.   This gives you an amazing opportunity to sample our various class styles as well as instructors.

If you’re still feeling totally intimidated, we offer our  New To Y2 class every week. This class is a completely FREE class tailored specifically for beginners and intended to be an introduction to Y2’s specific style of yoga. The best thing about is is that you can take it as many times as you like with no cost to you.  Please see the Class Descriptions page for more info.