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Go ahead and cry on your yoga mat

May 16, 2019 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

Yoga can be superficial, it’s okay.

You can come everyday to your yoga mat with the intent of exercising your demons away, burning a few calories, and feeling better in your Lulu pants.

But, there is WAY MORE to yoga than that!

There is a link below to the post I share all the time with friends, family, or students crying uncontrollably.

Note: If I had a nickel for every time I saw a students masking their tears as sweat…💰 (Your secret is safe with me!)

It’s a reminder that there is a strength that you gain from every crappy thing that has every happened to us and a reminder that more crappy stuff will happen (it’s inevitable), but you have a choice as to what you do when you are broken down to our core and how you ultimately decide to emerge (or not to) from it all.

So, Yoga…

Every time I make time for my yoga mat is an opportunity to consciously face the struggles that wait for me.  Struggles like it’s hot as [email protected]#k, there are yoga poses I lose my balance in, there are yoga poses that I can only stay in for a breath or two because my body is shaking, or there are those yoga poses I flat out can’t do (Should I even try them or lie under the radar, stay hidden in the crowd, and pretend to not be seen? 🤔 Nobody knows whether or not I am trying…except me…Damn it!🙄).

Yoga will meet you where you are every time, and it will offer you whatever lessons you need to learn until you have learned them.  Embrace the struggles and let them forge you into someone who is unmessable-with!

Remember that we learn more from the things that challenge us, not the things that come easy.  Remember that regardless of what somebody posts on Instagram or Facebook that the likelihood that that sh!t is real is slim at best from what their cumulative reality really looks like, and that everyone has things they have, or are,  struggling with on the inside that you are not aware of.

Practice compassion towards yourself and towards others.

And remember, it is a PRACTICE!

Enjoy this oldie, but goodie!


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