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How To Not Lose Your Sh*t During Quarantine

April 20, 2020 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

How’s it going?

We know we ask that a lot, but we’re curious, and we care about you! These days, it’s difficult to tell exactly what day of the week it is, and we’re craving to do the simple things like go to the movies, or eat out at a restaurant. We can pretty much guarantee some of you are getting all dressed up to go for a walk or take the trash out…. but hey, whatever makes. you feel a little bit better, go for it!

Today, we’re going to give you a few simple tips on how to not lose your sh*t during quarantine, especially if you’re “locked in” with others (aka family members, roommates, significant others).

  • Tip #1: Create a daily routine/schedule. Call it your “Quarantine Routine”. Make sure each day starts the same and ends the same. Check out this woman’s great example of how to create a new routine to stay healthy and feel just a little bit more normal during isolation. Routines are actually extremely healthy and help reduce stress and anxiety. Really try to get into the habit of having a schedule that you stick to.
  • Tip #2: If you live with others, have at least 1 or 2 hours everyday of alone time. Even if you LOVE LOVE LOVE the people you are stuck with during COVID-19, you need to create a safe space to be with just yourself. Quiet “you time” is super important. It can even help grow the relationships you have with the people you’re surrounded with. Get in touch with you!
  • Tip #3: If you live with others, practice non-violent communication always. Even if you need a literal print off script of dialogue to help have a real and mature conversation with someone during an argument or disagreement. You can have feelings of anger, but your actions don’t have to show that necessarily. Instead of screaming a punching the wall, let there other person know why you’re upset, annoyed, angry, or whatever it is you’re feeling in a way that shows them you’re willing to be respectful of their feelings as well. You will both/all come to a resolution much sooner.
  • Tip #4: If you work or are in school, create a separate work space that is ONLY dedicated to work/school. It can be hard to get into your workflow/zone when you know you can do other things like: talk to the people you live with, turn on the TV, walk to the fridge, play with your dogs, get that load of laundry out of the way, we could go on and on, but you get the idea. Work and school can cause a lot of people stress and feelings of anxiety, so you might not want to use your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or any area that you use for peaceful and fun activities. The energy of those rooms are very different and should be reserved for the activities that are outside of office work and school work. Find an area in your home that can be turned into a makeshift office. Keep all your work things in there and use that space only for work. This should be your “get things done zone”. Try to make it look like an actual office if you can.
  • Tip #5: No matter what it it, keep working out! Just like the tip above, create a space that you can dedicate to get your movement in for the day. You can check out our blog on how to create the perfect heated at home yoga studio here.
  • Tip #6: Remind yourself that this is not forever. Get excited for the future and look at all the positives. If you can’t find any positives, make them up! Maybe the universe needed a break from this fast-paced life we live anyway. One day soon, you’ll be getting ready to go out in public and enjoy restaurants, movie theaters, malls, your favorite yoga studio (Y2 obviously), and traveling once again.

Hang in there yogis. You’ve got this! Namaste & stay healthy, Y2 Yoga

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