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How to Survive the Heat

January 28, 2020 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

Yoga is already challenging in itself.

Even though that’s true, we have all somehow found a way to make it even more difficult… yet more awesome.

It does feel amazing to *literally* sweat it out.

Sweating is actually good for you. Sweating can:

  • boost your energy.
  • Help you maintain a healthy weight.
  • Help defend against many diseases and health conditions.
  • Improve your mood.
  • Promote good sleep.

Those are some of the reasons we love that yoga can also be hot & humid, it induces that sweat along with the physical challenges you brings.


You won’t get the benefits of your yoga practice, or the heat & humidity, if you have to leave class early or stop flowing for the sole reason of the heat being too difficult to handle.

Here are a few tips to help survive the heat, and get a good sweat & flow in:

  1.  Hydrate. Duh. But drinking water isn’t enough. Try drinking *just a little bit* of water directly before class, and bring water into class with you. If you’re really having trouble with the heat, bring iced water. Try to up the water intake throughout your daily life as well.
  2. Move slower in class. Who cares how fast the teacher is going. Move at your own pace. Be 6 poses behind. Nobody gives a sh*t. Do what your own body needs. The slow you go, the easier it will be to slow your heart rate down just a tad. The faster you go, the faster your body will build heat, and you’ll become fatigued a lot faster.
  3. Bring in a towel. Wipe that excess sweat off, you’ll feel much better. You’re going to be drenched in hot sweat, get some of that off to cool you down.
  4. Do not chug water. Just trust us on this one. But if you’re curious, go ahead try. But remember we warned you.
  5. Keep your ego in check. We all want to be the best of the best. But reality check, none of us are. It’s fun to show off how good we are at yoga to the students next to us, but if you need to slow down, slow down, if you need to take child’s pose, take f*cking child’s pose, if you need to leave the room, leave the room. Cater to what your own body needs… too much too fast could make you burn out.

Keep breathing, keeping flowing, & keep sweating

Namaste, Y2 Yoga

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