Kama Shakti Workshop - More Info

Ancient yoga science teaches us that there are four areas of life that, when balanced and unblocked, we feel most passionate, happy and content. Called Purushartas in Sanskrit, these four are:

1. The desire for pleasure - Kama

2. The desire to live with purpose - Dharma 

3. The desire for inner and outer prosperity - Artha 

4. The desire to feel free - Moksha

This weekend intensive is a guided process to access your self-illumined inner guide. All too often the inner guide has been blocked by unprocessed life experiences. That’s completely human and normal. It’s why yoga practices were developed. To gain access to freedom. To experience life unblocked. Through meditation, lecture, personal self study and asana, we will remove the blockages and veils that are holding you back from true inner peace and happiness.

All dedicated practitioners are welcome. Teachers will learn how to share this ancient technology with clients. And all will learn how to weave this wisdom into the fabric of our lives.

Topics covered:

Asana, pranayama, meditation

Yoga Nidra

Dharma and life’s purpose

Sankalpa and Vikalpa




Required Reading:

The Four Desires - Rod Stryker

Recommended Reading:

The Art of Joyful Living - Swami Rama