Passion, contentment, happiness, drive. We all long for these things.

And sometimes, we have a hard time finding them. 

This is why yoga practice was originally developed. To gain access to this. Experience life UNBLOCKED!

That's what this workshop is for. To unlock your highest self.  Your truest self.  Deep down you know what you want and you know what you need. 

Through meditation, lecture, personal self study and asana, we will remove the blockages and veils that are holding you back from true inner peace and happiness. All dedicated practitioners are welcome. Teachers will learn how to share this ancient technology with clients. And all will learn how to weave this wisdom into the fabric of our lives.

When: 10-5-19 & 10-6-19 

(Sat & Sun)

Where: Y2 Yoga 

From: 8a-6p 

Break: 12:30p-2p

Price: $349