Just imagine what your life would be like if you started your yoga practice when you were a kid.......

Sign your kid up for this workshop if

you want them to have these things: 

- sense of peace

- motivation

- self-control

- a quiet mind (...to an extent) 

- mental & physical health 

- a little bit of grounding 

- something else to do instead of watch tv or play with you iPad

 Each day will consist of physical & mental stimulation through the practices of yoga, fun interactive games, crafts and activities that are age appropriate and safe.  Our goal is to help kids find peace, confidence, and stress relief at a young age, and grow up with these skills already in their reach before life starts to get slightly more difficult (you know what we mean).  Our  kids yoga program can help your kid reach new levels of awesome to take into their future. Yoga is not just for adults!

AGES 5-12 


JULY 8-12; 1:30p - 4:30p