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mind your manners

January 30, 2016 Posted by Jen Eddins Blog

We are pretty chill up in here.

You are not going to find a lot of hard and fast “rules” at Y2.  We truly believe this is your practice, and we are just your guides. We really aren’t control freaks.  (OK, well, we are now with the towels, but that’s because someone keeps taking them home.)

The simple fact is that we want to share yoga with everyone.  This is a low-pressure, come as you are, get what you need love-fest. NO joke.  We know how to flow (see what I did there).

We are a big community, however, and in order to keep some semblance of civility there is one rule and also a few yoga manners we really should talk about.

Let’s start with THE rule.



Ever. Period.

You can leave at any other time….just not when the rest of us are soaking in the yoga goodness at the end of a practice.  It is a very sacred time – this when yoga works its magic.  It may seem like the most difficult 5 minutes on your mat and that’s okay.  It is a practice in being still and quiet….and that can be uncomfortable and scary.  We certainly cannot make you stay for those last delicious minutes, that’s on you.  We must insist that if you do choose to leave, do it before we settle in.

(Savasana, by the way, is at the very end of a practice when we all lay quietly on our mat with a cool lavender-infused towel over our eyes….it is the reward for the work on your mat)

Now let’s talk about manners.  

No cell phones in the studio – Seriously, are you not tired of technology yet?  It is life-sucking.  All the time.  Do yourself a favor and step away for 60 minutes. My husband has a brain tumor.  If I can leave my phone in the locker room so can you.  Just saying.  


No talking in class – I know…..so much to say.  I’m with you.  So have a little chat before or after class.  If you feel like you just have to say something to your neighbor during class, think about what you want to say and cut it in half.  And then don’t say anything.  Namaste.

Shoes off in the studio – Your yoga teachers love feet, seriously. You may even get a foot rub during savasana. But what we don’t love are your shoes in the studio bringing dirt and grime into our sacred space. We are NOT asking you to go into the bathroom stalls without shoes…..just please do not bring them into the studio.  

Stay home if you’re sick – Sorta self-explanatory, right?  There is way too much humidity and warmth in the studio – it is a tropical paradise for germs.  Let’s keep it under control.  Rest up, take care of yourself and come see us when you’re feeling better. And we beg you to throw away your own tissues after class (and bandaids while we’re at it!).


Arrive on time – We have a lot of classes that fill up quickly and sometimes it is hard to find a spot if you come in late. Navigating the legs and arms in motion is tenuous even without a mat, 2 towels and a water bottle in your hands.  Try to give yourself a few minutes before class to unwind, settle, relax. 

All that said, please do not ever feel unwelcome if you have to enter class a few minutes (or 20 minutes!) late. Just do so quietly and the teacher will help you find a space. Know the difference between arriving late because you were just being a little lazy getting to class and arriving late because of work/family/life obligations.

Check in at the front desk – What is better than having someone always greet you with a smile and a happy hello?  Nothing. Nothing is better than that.  So stop long enough in your rush to get to your spot in the front row to make eye contact, smile and be sure they know you are here and that you are checked in.  Our wonderful front desk staff is pretty darn good at getting to know everyone’s name, but with upwards of 400 people walking through the door each day it’s impossible for them to get it right every single time.

Keep your “stuff” in the locker rooms – The new, spacious locker rooms rock.  There is plenty of room for everything we carry along with us.  Use the lockers and keep your stuff out of the studios and hallways. PLEASE! Oh, and don’t take other people’s stuff. If you accidentally do, return it ASAP! Easy.

Listen to your body – We don’t ever want you to forget that this is your practice.  If you are feeling overheated, walk out. Losing your breath?  Find child’s pose.  Back off when you need to back off.  Drink water.  This is NOT a competition with anyone else.  Honor yourself.  

childs pose

Have fun – Please do not take yourself (or any of us) too seriously.  We mean it…this is absolutely a rule.   Have fun while you are here.  Play around. Try something new. Laugh at yourself. Lighten your load. That’s the whole point.

You know we love you.  We understand busy schedules, jobs, families, appointments  and places to be.  This is your refuge from the craziness of life.  We want everyone who is a part of our community to be able to have exactly what they need every time they come to their mat.    


About Jen Eddins

Jen Eddins is the marketing director for Y2 Yoga, Namastay Kitchen and Savasana Spa & Oasis and a lead teacher for Y2 Yoga. She loves handstands, golden retrievers and spending time in the kitchen.