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Music to Motivate

October 18, 2019 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

Sometimes, music is the only cure.

Staring November 1st, we will begin our annual 62 Day Challenge. We challenge you to take 62 classes in 62 days. Or, 31 classes in 62 days. This Challenge is NOT about completing the challenge.

It’s about you feeling good!

Learning how to face struggles head on, have fun with them, and get through them knowing it was worth it in the long run. Once you start to face difficult challenges on your mat, it will lead into facing difficult challenges off your mat; in your everyday life. The Y2 62 Day Challenge is about getting in the right frame of mind. Or more accurately, getting out of your mind. Turn your brain off and FLOW! Below is this week’s playlist and if these songs don’t get you pumped up, we don’t know what will!


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