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Music For You

May 31, 2019 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

We're sure you ALL know how much we love music. Our playlist creating is probably the only thing we take seriously here. At Y2, we believe in a lot of things, and music is one of them. There is no greater feeling than flowing to your favorite song (trust us, all of the teachers here have probably seen you lip-sync to a song in warrior 2 like a bad*ss). 

So - since it's Friday, one of our teachers decided to put together a playlist to lift your spirits on this awesome Friday... we don't know what has happened to you this week, however, we are here to make you smile and forget about the fact that you probably have a job and a ton of other responsibilities with a great playlist full of songs you will enjoy. Come see us this weekend and SWEAT out your life! 

Link to the playlist BELOW!

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