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Myths About Yoga Debunked… By Us

November 19, 2019 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

There Are Multiple Stereotypes & Myths When it Comes to Yoga, & Yogis.

Unfortunately, it’s true. So many people believe yoga is just stretching and breathing, and all of us yogis are granola eating vegans who walk around barefoot carrying JUST our yoga mat and a handful of positive energy to give to any and everyone we come across.

No. We Are All Much More Than That.

… Okay … so yes yoga involves stretching and breathing, and we all learn to find peace on our mats from time to time… but come on! We all know that there is so much more to yoga than that. Yoga is filled with heat building, sweat inducing, mind challenging, strength building bad a**ery that can’t be found in any other sport or exercise.

There are so many myths about us yogis, and the practice of yoga itself and we are here today, to debunk some of them. Keep reading. 

  1. All Yogis are vegan. Okay we are going to end this myth right here and now. We can guarantee half of our staff will enjoy the heck out of a burger, a scoop of ice cream, or a chicken sandwich every now and then. If you’ve made the choice to be vegan, we applaud you for your strength & bravery. For everyone else, our restaurant next door.. has the BEST chicken & waffles you’ll ever taste…. http://www.bistrolabon.com
  2. If you’re not “good” at Yoga, you have no business being there. I’m sure you’ve heard this cheesy quote way too many times but we are going to reiterate it for you: “it’s called a Yoga practice , not a Yoga perfect“. Yoga is all about constant improvement, you can’t ever be the best at yoga because there will always be something you can’t do, new things to work on, and room for improvement on the things you can already do.
  3. Guys don’t really do Yoga. …. WRROOOOOOONNNGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! The person who founded yoga in the first place was a man himself! AND the person who brought Yoga to America… was a man! Over the years, the NFL, NBA, & MLB have introduced yoga to its athletes because of the strength building benefits, and the state of mind it put them in. They found themselves more clear and balanced. Even policemen, firefighters, and Veterans have begun including yoga in their lives for the same reasons. Yoga is for everyone. If you are a living, breathing human being, Yoga is for you.
  4. Yogis are always peaceful. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. We are all crazy. That is why we are on our mats in the first place. Yogis are real people, with real problems. We just have the best solution to calm ourselves down.
  5. You have to be a granola eating hippie to fit in with Yogis. We know, there are some hippie dippy pocketful of sunshine yogis out there living in their volkswagen, but we can promise you here at Y2, we are just a bunch real life bad a** people who love to sweat, breathe, turn their mind off, and go with the Y2 flow. No matter who you are, we accept you and you’ll get along with us just fine.

Namaste & Keep Flowing,

Y2 Yoga

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