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Patience Young Grasshopper

May 12, 2020 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

“Be patient. Some things take time.”

If only it were that easy, right?

Now that we’ve all got a whiff of the possibility things might go *slightly* back to normal soon, we’re freaking out. We are so ready to run outside… and straight to Y2. We can hardly wait.

However, this is just the beginning, and our re-opening might be soon, but we don’t even have a date yet. Which does suck. However, as things slowly start to transition into a grand re-opening, we must sit back and be patient. Which seem impossible at the moment. Let’s face it, that’s all we’ve been doing the past couple of months… sitting and waiting. We’ve had it. But if we can hold on for just a little bit longer, sooner or later we’ll be flowing (safely) again soon. Here are just a few ways to make this much needed patience a little easier to take on.

Ways to practice patience:

  • Practice making yourself wait. Even for the simple things. Start with something small like waiting just a few minutes to get out of that one pose you hate more than anything (frog pose anyone?). Waiting for things makes us happier in the long run. It also helps us focus on moving a little bit slower in life. Which is a good thing.
  • Remember what’s important. It can be easy to lose perspective on what’s actually important. Sometimes we can easily get upset over the little things, in the long run these things tend not to matter much. Take something you’re upset about, and think to yourself, “Will I still be upset and/or effected by this in a year?”, and if not, then it’s a small thing. Don’t let it take over.
  • Remember good things take time. If everything was rushed, there would most likely be multiple mistakes, and it wouldn’t be as good as it could’ve been. The longer you have to wait, the better it might turn out to be.
  • Get excited. What you’re waiting for is right around the corner. Enjoy this time of excitement. You have something to look forward too. Things are looking up.

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