It’s true. The original yogi’s did not use props in their practice, so why would we do it today? Well...Our modern day movement practices (like sitting, driving, and texting) have changed the way we move... and even the structure of our bodies! #MINDBLOWN Fortunately, yoga has evolved to be more inclusive. The use of props can give us more space and support , AND they can also provide an increased challenge and add variety to our practice!

Join Sarah and explore the use of ankle weights, blocks, straps/towels, and even the wall to help you grow in your asana practice. We’ll begin with light ankle weights to help you warm up and ground the body. We’ll then move into a carefully designed core sequence that uses a block to build strength and stability, and we’ll take that same block with us into a standing sequence to challenge your balance, cue your alignment and create more space in difficult postures. Finally, we’ll pull out our straps to expand heart opening practices and for a seated stretching sequence.

SAT APRIL 4TH   |   3p-5p   |   STUDIO 1   |   $39