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Rose Are Red…

February 4, 2020 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

Violets are blue,

If you gift these things on Valentine’s Day,

Your loved one will most likely leave you.

  1. Expired coupons. Nothing says my love for you has expired like a coupon they can’t even use.
  2. The delivery confirmation, but no flowers. This is a great way to tell your s/o that you will always put off stuff until the last minute, even something so simple as clicking a few buttons. #Procrastination
  3. An oversized tank top. This might be the most passive aggressive way to tell some to get in shape.
  4. Any type of cleaning tool, or appliance. Do we even have to explain?
  5. Bad news. No you can’t break up with someone on Valentine’s Day. Even if you guys aren’t right for each other. Just wait until the 15th. One day. You can do this.
  6. Jewelry that can fit inside a ring box. We shouldn’t have to explain why this is going to cause just a little bit of awkwardness. Unless it’s actually a ring and you’re actually planning on proposing. If that really is the case, congratulations!
  7.  Nothing. Even if you both decide on something small, or even no gifts at all. There will be a fight. Get something. Except for the things above.

Good luck this Valentine’s Day.

And for all you Singles out there, you get to save your money from gifts and expensive dinners. You are lucky, more rich than you would be, and loved… by us. We love you.

Namaste, Y2 Yoga

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