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Shut Up & Flow pt. Deux

April 7, 2020 Posted by tanner Blog

Right now the world faces an unimaginable crisis: millions are sick, more than a hundred thousand have died, the economy has tanked, and the unemployment rate could hit 30%. It feels paralyzing at times to contemplate how we will get through this and what life may look like 6 months or a year from now.

Because of the enormity of this crisis, it’s likely that you and your family will be negatively impacted. We will lose loved ones, people will lose their jobs and their savings, businesses will shutter, and people will lose hope.

It may seem unrealistic and not super appropriate to trust in the words, “Shut Up & Flow” at a time when so many people are in the midst of grief, but it’s all we have and what we must do in order move forward.

Grief is not something to get over, and it is not something to “move through”; it is something that stays with us always to varying degrees for the rest of our lives. It is, however, the degree with which it stays with us that is determined by our choices; healing can only begin with acceptance. This does not mean that we must be happy about it and, it is okay to remain sad about it but, keep going and keep living.

Enter Hal Elrod

Someone that has made this idea his life’s work is a guy, Hal Elrod. In 1999, he was hit head on by a drunk driver, was clinically dead for 6 mins, flat lined 2 more times during several surgeries to repair his ruptured spleen and severed nerves, and was told he might recover completely or may never walk again. He found acceptance in that he may never walk again.

The doctors were deeply concerned with his reaction and brought his parents in to discuss what they believed was delusional behavior because their son did not seem to exhibit a “normal” reaction to what was an awful situation.

When his father asked him why, he reminded him of something a sales manager of his had taught him called the 5 Minute Rule: it’s okay to be negative, but only for 5 minutes.

The 5 Minute Rule: “When things don’t go your way, you can feel bad about it, but for five minutes. If you can’t change it, move on.” – Hal Elrod

He embraced this concept to its core and did walk again and, eventually ran a 52 mile Ultra Marathon.

Hal, made it his mission from the day he left the hospital to inspire others. Today he gives speaking engagements around the world. You can read more about him at CantChangeit.com or read his book The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM)

Can’t Change It…Shut Up & Flow

In the months ahead there will be a great deal of loss and mourning. We can’t change any of that and focusing on what we can’t change prevents us from focusing on what we can including how we can respond to negative emotions.

What we can do is take care of ourselves mentally and physically so we are strong enough to take care of our families and friends. What we can do is celebrate the lives that were lost and remind those that live on how much we love them and are grateful for them. What we can do is spend this government mandated time off on projects we have put off because we were too busy working (Thought to ponder: is binge watching The Tiger King REALLY the best use of your time?). What we can do is acquire new skills that make us more valuable in the workforce at our jobs and in our businesses. What we can do is get more rest so when the time comes for massive action we are energized and prepared to put in the long hours to make it happen. What we can do is keep going and keep living.

Roll your mat out, turn up some loud music, move your body, quiet your mind, and focus on your breath.

Shut Up and Flow with us… you’ll feel better.



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