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A Student’s Perspective

May 28, 2019 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

We went around and interviewed a few students on their perspective of Y2 to give you a glimpse into our world. This is just *one* of our favorites: 

Q: How long have you been practicing at Y2?

A: 3 years!

Q: What was your first class here? 

A: Single Shot! I had NO idea what to expect and thought I was going to die when the teacher announced we had just finished the warm up! (don't worry, warm-up is half of the class) I Actually thought about leaving but was too embarrassed, little did I know... no one cares if you leave or take breaks. No judgement zone. 

Q: Who was your First teacher?

A: I think Tanner! He was straightforward, funny, and joked throughout the class! It was the most fun I've ever had in a yoga class. Although I felt like I was dying - at least I was having fun while dying. 

Q: What made you continue to practice at Y2? What makes us stand out?

A: I wanted to continue practicing at Y2  because the music was amazing, and the class was fast paced - so I never felt bored RATHER super engaged and challenged. I also loved the class structure - I didn’t have to worry about who was teaching because all the classes function similarly. I knew I would get a bomb practice. I also found that the teachers, students, and staff were all so genuine and inclusive. I have grown more personally and physically than I ever expected. 

Q: Most embarrassing moment at Y2? 

A: Haha probably leaving during Savasana before I knew that was a “no-no.” I did that a few times haha! 

Q: What’s your favorite thing to purchase at our food & drinks section? 

A: Perfect bar and lavender kombucha!!

Q: Favorite brand of clothing we have?

A: Lulu - it’s tried and true. 

Q: Y2 in 4 words:


- Mary Elizabeth

Here are a few more "Y2 in 4 words" answers we received and LOVED: 

  • The place to be
  • Where you practice hard
  • Where it goes down 
  • We are on fire
  • It doesn’t get better 
  • Best of the best 
  • The greatest yoga studio 
  • It’s always a party
  • Hot yoga, hot people
  • Y2 yoga is bada** 
  • Y2 is insanely amazing 
  • Y2 brings the heat 


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