TANTRA VIDYA  - Know Your Worth

w/ Johnna Smith

Tantra means to expand beyond our limits. 

From the perspective of Tantra,

YOU are the most important person under the sun.

YOU are are a gift for the whole world.

Tantra practices came about because, honey, you 

(and all of us at some point)

have forgotten that.

In this immersion, you will learn the powerful yet subtle techniques of Tantra. Rooted in the ancient
teachings of Sri Vidya, (the sublime science of accessing and embodying power, radiance and beauty),
this course offers practical applications of hatha yoga, tantra worldview and Ayurveda. You will learn to
sequence for group or one on one privates from the gunas, chakras and pranavayus, while adding to
practice mudras, bandhas and mantra. To digest the practices there will be lecture and partner/journal
work. This includes examining how our emotions and daily lifestyle choices impact our self-esteem and
our unique contribution to life. These exercises are essential to developing quality, clarity and refinement
in your teaching and in life.

Topics Covered:
Gunas, Chakras & Pranavayus
Mantra, Mudra, Bandha & Kriya
Tantra Worldview,
Prana and Agni

Required Reading:

"Tantra Unveiled" by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait


Oct 26 & 27 

(Sat & Sun)


break until 2p