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Carrie Selby

Carrie’s fitness journey began far before it was her profession. Since she can remember, Carrie  was always heavily involved in sports, but most of her spare time growing up was devoted to competitive dance. So much so she initially attended my first year at the University of Akron as a dance major. After a year of extensive study, Carrie soon realized she was in love with the physicality of exercise and movement of the body which ultimately led her to studying exercise physiology as an undergrad and sports science in graduate school.

From 2006-2015, Carrie spent my time managing a private personal training studio in Charlotte as well as teaching multiple group exercise classes at various facilities in Charlotte. Carrie took a 4 year break to try out a 9-6 role, but she knew she had a different job to fulfill which would make me happy. “January 2019 is my comeback as a fitness profession, and I couldn’t be any happier Fitness is not only my profession, but also my passion. I’m so lucky to be able to combine both of them together!”

Over the years, she has always identified myself as a long distance runner and completed numerous full and half marathons over the years, but the wear and tear of the sport led her to finding alternative forms of exercise like yoga. Carrie was immediately hooked because of the physical and mental benefits of yoga. In the winter of 2018, Carrie completed her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training under Tanner Bazemore and Johnna Smith at Y2. She then completed her mentorship under Dorie Joy in March 2019.

“No matter what format you may find me teaching, I would describe my training style to be effective, appropriately-paced, informative, but slightly sneaky. I typically put a large number of compound movements to incorporate a full body workout in a short amount of time. As always, I aim to give numerous modifications or levels to welcome all fitness levels and lead by example.”

“I find the simple act of teaching/instructing/leading anything fitness related is super gratifying. I love teaching anyone how to find that “a-ha moment” where the light bulb goes on and they finally get why they showed up.”

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