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274 S Sharon Amity Rd Suite 1, Charlotte, NC

Elizabeth Biber

Lead Kid's Yoga Teacher

Elizabeth was hooked after she took her first Y2 class in September 2015.  Within a few weeks, she knew she was a yogi for life.  Initially driven to yoga for the physical benefits of relieving back pain, she quickly realized yoga was the answer to so much more.  For her, her yoga practice is a spiritual experience as well as a fun, playful, beautiful challenge on and off her mat.
Having seen the mental, physical and spiritual affects yoga has had on her life, she became passionate about sharing this with children.  As a mother of three kids, she knows children well.  Combining her love of children and yoga is a dream come true for her.  As a Kidding Around Yoga Certified Teacher, Elizabeth teaches yoga in a thoughtful, kid-friendly, super-charged way.  Her students receive creative instruction in meditation, mindfulness, breathing practices, relaxation, traditional and partner yoga poses, yoga games and activities.
Elizabeth also manages the Kids Program at Y2.  After working as a project manager for almost a decade at Bank of America, and then staying home with her kids while focused on volunteer work, she is loving the opportunity to combine and use her skills in a fun, rewarding environment.

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