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274 S Sharon Amity Rd Suite 1, Charlotte, NC

Hannah Blanton

Hannah Blanton is a wife, mother of 3, owner of Sozo Art Gallery in Uptown Charlotte, and co-founder of About Face Clt. She is a pediatric ICU RN by trade and that led her to realize her passions for healing, faith, touch, breath and service.

Hannah fell in love with yoga in 2003 after being completely paralyzed from the chest down due to Guillain–Barré syndrome. She had to learn to walk, talk and eat again. Gentle yoga was the first and only exercise she was able to do.

Hannah still has residuals of GBS and NO feeling in her feet. “It makes for a physical challenge in balancing postures but using that mind/body connection is so real and sweet to explore and experience. I firmly believe in the power of yoga, the way it transforms me immediately when I rest my head on my mat. I truly surrender, release, escape, and focus.”

Sometimes she’ll catch herself smiling in peaceful, crescent or prayer twist….with her arms outstretched and gazing upward. Hannah pulls in the correlation of the true meaning of YOGA, ‘to unite with God’/union, and feel closer and more grateful to God for my breath, my movement and that very moment.

“It is such a gift for me to be able to teach yoga. I completed my 200-hour teacher training with Johnna Smith and Tanner Bazemore at Y2 Yoga in 2013. In my classes you’ll be challenged physically but more importantly, you’ll be challenged to find connection with your breath, your heart, your soul, and your community. I will always end with a beautiful reading to inspire you and your heart and to bring you back for more.”

Hannah is super passionate about her practice and purpose. However, she also believes that we are all learning to live in this duality of spiritual practice and the crazy world of real life carpools, meetings,volunteer work and constant worldly chaos. “But whoever evolved from not being challenged? Our lessons, our sufferings, and our blessings in life are our greatest teachers.”

“Do what you love to do, and things will fall into place.” – Unknown


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