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Joy Tedder

Joy practiced her first sun salutation in 2009 using only a book for instruction. “Initially, I didn’t make it a regular practice, but when I made the choice to practice and breathe, it made a huge difference in how connected I felt to a power greater than myself, and I wasn’t even doing it ‘right’ yet!”
Not too long after,  Joy’s peers started to encourage her to take a yoga class. Being one to really like having things explained thoroughly, I decided to take the yoga course offered at CPCC to satisfy a requirement, and get the proper introduction to yoga. We learned a few poses each class, and after we had learned several poses, we began to do very short flows, to learn to sync with the breath. We learned about the eight limbs, and the history of yoga, and at the end of the course we each had to lead a short flow, and I loved it, every single aspect!”
The course at CPCC gave Joy the confidence to try a real studio class, which is how she ended up at Y2.  The first studio class Joy ever took was Shanna’s Y2 101 class with a friend and she was immediately HOOKED.
“I sweated so much and felt so strong! Savasana was like a few moments of Nirvana that first class. I knew immediately after that I wanted to teach some day, and that I never ever wanted to live without a yoga practice!! Within a year, I was practicing several times a week, working at the studio, AND enrolled in teacher training.”
Yoga became Joy’s life. “Yoga is the central part of how I take good care of myself- physically, yes, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The practice is a moving meditation for me, that supports my personal growth on all fronts.”
Joy’s classes weave in opportunities for self-discovery and avenues for students to tap into their highest potential possible.

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