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Kristi Ray

A running injury and a need to add more stretching to her workout regimen ultimately led Kristi Ray to yoga. After a few classes Kristi was hooked and realized she could not be complete without incorporating yoga into her daily life.

“The relief I feel when my head hits the mat in child’s pose keeps me coming back time after time. I can’t t imagine life without it.”

Kristi appreciates the body-awareness and self-love that yoga has given her. Running is still a passion of hers, but with the addition of yoga Kristi is able to train for marathons and Ironman’s without destroying her body. “When I find myself in a negative head-space in a race I am so much better mentally working through it by using my breath. I’m much more grateful for my strong body no matter how long it takes me to cross the finish line.”

She has also found that yoga has helped her become a better mother and manage the crazy lifestyle that comes with five kids. “I have become better at letting the small things go and being more present in my life.”

Kristi Ray completed her teacher training through Y2 in 2016. She also coaches girls middle school track and loves to weave in yoga whenever she can. She understands that yoga has no age limits and says “The girls LOVE when I add yoga to a practice!!”

Through yoga, Kristi has learned that happiness is not found in a person, place or thing and that, instead, it is found inside herself.

“Yoga made me realize that I can do anything I believe I can do.”


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