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Lauren Shirley


Lauren took her first yoga class in 2013 while she was attending Clemson University at a little studio right outside of campus. “Two of my best girlfriends and I decided to try something new and take a class. I have to admit, I giggled a little bit then we first chanted OM at the beginning of class because it was just so out of my comfort zone!” By the end of it Lauren was in such a yoga trance that she stayed in savasana long after the teacher instructed them to get into a seated position. “I loved it. I was singing OM to the top of my lunges by the end of it”

It wasn’t until after she graduated in 2014 that Lauren seriously started practicing yoga. She landed a job in Greenville, SC and began practicing baptiste yoga at a local studio in Greenville.

“At the time, I was living at home with my parents and commuting to work everyday. Living at home after 4 years of college was quite a culture shock. Going from being around tons of people everyday to being in a very isolated, small town as a 23 year old free-spirited gal was a huge adjustment – getting on my mat everyday kept me sane”

In 2015 Lauren moved to Charlotte to pursue a job in insurance. She decided she would test out the many different studios all around the Charlotte area and then pick a studio that she felt most at home. Her plan made a detour after her first visit to Y2. “I had tried one other studio before Y2…that was it” She loved the energy Y2 created – the music, the messaging, the people – all of it.

The more and more she practiced, the more and more she fell in love with herself and her capabilities. She found motivation, inspiration and adventure every time she took a class.

“I think what I love about yoga is the connection it gives you with your own body.  Yoga gave me the gift of loving myself in my own skin and realizing how truly powerful and beautiful my body and my mind are. I’ve learned so much about myself on this 6X2 ft mat…I can’t not share that feeling with others.”

After one, long year and many life changes later, Lauren decided to follow her passion and completed her 200 hour teacher training in April of 2017. As fate would have it, she landed the role of Marketing Coordinator at Y2.

“It’s funny how life comes together. If you just stop forcing the ideas of how you think your life should turn out and decide to listen to you heart, things just seem to fall perfectly into place.”

If there is anything Lauren wants you to learn in her classes is to find freedom in not taking yourself too seriously. Life is meant for us to enjoy, have fun, love and be loved.


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