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274 S Sharon Amity Rd Suite 1, Charlotte, NC

Liz Bundon

Liz began practicing yoga in 2008, as a way to loosen up tight muscles and release stress. As a wife and mom of four kids, she is always seeking balance and internal calm. Physical exercise has always been her outlet – it is her time for physical growth, release, reflection and clarity. Yoga, as the perfect blend of effort and ease, quickly became more than a physical exercise, it became a soulful, spiritual release and support for Liz. It strengthened her body more than she knew possible, and it definitely opened her heart. Liz loves sharing her joy for the practice with our students.

Liz completed her 200-hour teacher training at Y2 Yoga. Her classes are upbeat, energetic, challenging and playful. She loves teach what she practices – you can find her on her mat in both ashtanga yoga and power yoga classes.

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